Saturday, October 31, 2009

They're Coming to Get You, Barbara...

In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I would go ahead and post a couple of pictures from last weekend's Zombie Walk in downtown Raleigh. It was my first time going out, and I didn't dress up. I just went with my camera to see what it was all about. So, I acknowledge that these are not award winning photos... but they are fun. You may not know this, but's hard to shoot in almost total darkness. The crowd really was a lot of fun, and I am totally dressing the part next year! Have a spooky day!

Never forget...

They're coming!

This guy did a really good job. He looks like he is straight out of a movie.

Thank goodness Shaun was there. He even brought his cricket bat!

This guy's costume was awesome. Brains for sale!

I didn't realize that zombies love cookout. Also, this guy looked just like Mark Hoppus.

This guy was very interactive! Loved it!

Best face!! She really looked the part!

So fun:-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Engagement: Sally and Eric!

A couple of weekends ago, I headed up to my favorite place in these United States, Boone, NC, to shoot Sally and Eric's engagement pictures! Boone is so special because I graduated from Appalachian, and it has been in my heart ever since:-). Double bonus for it being the fall, with the beautiful leaves! I was so excited to have my first official shoot up there post college! It's nice going to a place that you know so well, but never get to use in a photo shoot. After a little trepidation about the weather, we decided to go for it. Sally and Eric were so much fun to work with and totally comfortable in front of the camera. They were also up for anything, which makes me happy! Here are some from that chilly, wet day!

This is one of my most favorite places on the parkway. I go almost every time I visit.

Can't take pictures in the fall without utilizing those leaves!

Oh, and did I mention it was also homecoming weekend? We stopped by the parade route!


I scouted this graffiti wall the last time I was up there. Score.

This is definitely one of my favorites.

And this is how it ended.. a little wet, but totally worth it!

Sally and Eric, I can't wait for your wedding! Enjoy the pictures, and say hey to Yosef for me:-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bridal: Heather

So, I feel like these pictures have been sitting on my desktop forever, while I have been waiting for Heather and Walter's wedding day to pass so I could post them! Well, I shot their wedding yesterday, so now I can post her bridal session! Yay! Heather wanted to take pictures around old churches and also some train tracks... so we figured downtown was the best place for us to go! We shot until it was too dark to shoot, and I think in all we got four different churches and one set of train tracks. Not too shabby. Here are just a few from the shoot!

I love that the little mannequin in the window also has sunglasses!

One of my favorites!

They got married on the 24th!

My other favorite.

This was the one Heather chose to display at the reception.

Wedding pictures from Heather and Walter's big day will be coming in a few weeks!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Urban Exploring

Oh, October! How I love you. You are my favorite month of the year. The leaves change, there is a chill in the air, the fair comes, and it is socially acceptable to dress up as whatever you want for a day! Contentment:-) Being that October contains Halloween, I find it necessary to frighten myself in some way or another in the spirit of the holiday. I love haunted trails/houses, a good zombie movie, or something a little more realistic.. like exploring a forbidden place!
If you are not familiar with the concept of "urban exploration", let me educate you! According to Wikipedia, "Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) is the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of urban areas or industrial facilities." Now, to me this is a little bit of an incomplete definition. It is the art of finding, and exploring places that society has long abandoned or forgotten. These places are rare, but not as rare as you might think. This little hobby of mine started in college, when we would track down homes or places thought to be haunted and go to them at night to scare ourselves silly. (Disclaimer: I don't believe in "hauntings", but I do fear real people who may be hiding out in abandoned places...luckily we never came across any) But, with 5-10 other people with you, it always felt safe enough. It's been a while since I have been to any places in the dark, but I still enjoy these relics from the past during the daylight hours when you can see and photograph them! Abandoned houses are easy enough to find, but it is like Christmas to me when I get to go to someplace bigger (and creepier!). Such an occasion presented itself last weekend while I was out of town. A friend of mine had gone to this location one night, and wanted to go back during the day to photograph it, and of course I was game! It was AWESOME. Dangerously, freaky, awesome. You can't really tell it from the photos, but it was about 5:30 in the afternoon and window light was the only light source, and most of the place was pitch black. I lit a lot of these with a flashlight. Luckily we didn't run in to any people, though many times I swear I heard footsteps, but evidence that people frequented the place was everywhere (graffiti, beer cans, destruction). But I have rambled too long, I know you want pictures! Without further run-on sentences...the fruit of my exploration:

We entered through the basement and came into the kitchen..

The doors on the right were huge freezers/refrigerators.

Cafeteria line.

Upstairs hallway.

Patient rooms


Viewing nursery, complete with bullet-shattered glass..

My favorite part was this office. The furniture had been left and was completely ruined.

This is probably my favorite, because it just looks like it hadn't moved since the place closed down.

Lobby. This room was the worst off of what I saw. The ceiling was completely down on the floor and it was leaking really bad and puddled with water.

The sign on the glass door said "Beware of Dog". We saw other evidence that an animal (most likely a dog) had been in there. Luckily, we did not see him!

Let me just say that trespassing is illegal, and you should always ask permission to enter private property. There is very real danger in exploring any abandoned place..weak structure, mold, asbestos, people. However, if you still want to do some urban exploring, just be sure to let me know so I can come too! And lastly, the motto of urban exploring is, "take only pictures, leave only footprints".