Friday, November 28, 2008

Drive. Click. Create.

Occasionally I find myself needing to get back to what I absolutely love doing, shooting just for me, and processing my heart out! Give me a day to do atypical portraits, and I will eat it up! All too often I get wrapped up in what other photographers are shooting and think that that is somehow what my pictures should be looking like, and that that is what I should be offering. The thing is though, I am not them, and I can't do what they do as well as they do it, so I am always left feeling bummed out about my second rate imitation photos. Fortunately I found the cure: stick to what I enjoy doing the most, even if it is different. Appreciate, learn, but don't duplicate. What I make may not be everyone's idea of a good image, but it is my way of expressing myself in my photography. It is what I like! Wednesday my friend Maren came to town, and per usual, we went out to take some pictures. (You may remember her from a previous post in a pinky-red vintage dress.) This time we traveled far and wide in search of new, fun places to exploit. It was just what I needed! It married my love of exploring with my love of creating images! It revived my independent, creative spirit and the simple pleasures I get from photography. Here are my favorites...cracked-out color and grungy, worn-out processing, Hooray! Also, I shot exclusively with a 50mm. Just for fun!

This first one pretty much embodies what I love... simple forms, unnatural color and grit.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Corban: Part 2

So I finally get to post some of the portraits from Corban's first real photoshoot! He was such an excellent little model! Well, he pretty much slept the whole time but it was still great! I have really discovered how challenging it can be to take pictures of infants. Don't get me wrong, the challenge is what I like! With grown-ups it is easy because you can just tell them what to do, but with infants it's much more hands-on! I am really pleased with the pictures, and look forward to all of the photoshoot with him to come! If you are not related to me, I promise this will be the last one of Corban for a little while, and I will get some more variety up soon!!! haha. Thanks for lookin'.

I can't believe how much he had changed in just two weeks!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Corban: Part 1

So, 2 Sundays ago I announced that my little nephew came in to the world! It was a really exciting day for my family, and since then we have just been enamored with our new addition! As promised, here are the pics from his first hours of life. Sorry, if I totally go into the territory of the bragging aunt... but he really is the cutest baby I've ever seen :-). haha. I think everyone says that! Anyway, this was a sweet time for my family, and I don't think much else could top it! Here is Corban Fisher's first day.

We never thought my brother's child would be this small!

New family!

Aunt Alli


The Mill men and their new fishing buddy!


Boone has huge hands, and Corban is so tiny! I love this one.

My dad gave a blessing like in Bible times. It was really cool.

First diaper change!

And I just love this one. Not sure why because it is a little oddly framed.

Thanks for tolerating that! It's a post more for my extended family to check out, but hopefully you enjoyed it as well:-) Oh, and I just did his infant pictures, and those will be coming soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pepsi Fun

The other day I was doing some shopping at Walmart, and something interesting caught my eye. To my left there was an entire shelf of Pepsi bottles. What made them interesting to me was the vintage look of them! Apparently Pepsi has started manufacturing Aluminum bottles with vintage Pepsi designs. There were several different ones, but I ended up buying two versions, and I don't even really like Pepsi (which goes to show the kind of sucker I am for gimmicks and impulse buys). Ha. Anyway. I just wanted to take pictures of them. Check them out.

Aren't they neat?? I know this is a totally pointless post, but I couldn't resist.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Bumgarners!

Two weeks back I met the Bumgarner family down in Wake Forest for some good ol' fashion family portrait fun! We explored the campus of SEBTS, and got lots of fun pictures of mom and dad and their crazy fun kids! They were a beautiful family, and gave me lots to work with! Meet the Bumgarners!

I love this shot of Katie and Emily!

I don't know why but I really love the feel of these next two shots.




This may be my favorite from the day! I love her expression!

Oh Will! He is so full of life!

This sums up the day! These kids were constantly on the move and had quickly lost interest in me! I love how they are all doing their own thing:-)

Thanks for letting me hang out with your crew!