Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's a bit funny to me that I mainly shoot women. The only time I really ever get to photograph boys is if they're in a band, or if they're a fiance/groom. I never get to shoot guys by themselves. Needless to say I was pretty excited when Andy contacted me about this shoot. Andy scheduled this shoot because he is leaving the country to go teach English overseas for a while, and he wanted to give some of these portraits to friends and family as a surprise. I was happy because it was a chance to try out my rusty guy-portrait skills. He let me choose all of the locations (he's from out of town), and he gave me full creative control. I had scouted a few places to take him beforehand, but what I love about any given shoot are the points where I go off track and find lovely new places to shoot completely by accident. For many reasons this was an awesome shoot with an awesome person! He was a trooper and did anything I asked of him. I was really pleased with the final result. Now, if I can only find more fellas to photograph!



Remember what I was saying about sweet new locations? Andy and I literally stumbled on this next spot. I LOVE fun graffiti and this place was full of it! I've got intentions to go back:-)


It was a hot day and we finished up the shoot in the water. Don't you just love that tie?

Andy, you were such a pleasure to be with and shoot! I really enjoyed getting to know you, and I wish you the best with your time overseas! I hope it's a fabulous experience!

<3 Becca

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art to Wear 2010!

This past April, was Art to Wear 2010. It's the showcase for NC State students to show off their hard work on their 2010 collections. Last year I was soooo excited when my coworker Hannah asked me to shoot her collection before the show. It was such a blast, and it really piqued my interest even more in doing fashion inspired shoots. I love working with models and interesting clothes and accessories! And Hannah is the master of accessorizing, as well as constructing these imaginative and creative clothes. So, when she asked if I would be interested in shooting her 2010 collection I jumped at the chance. Her inspiration came from "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly, of all things.. mixing bits and scraps of different fabrics together to create some really cool pieces. We shot over at NC State, and though we had less time to shoot than I would have liked, I still really like some of the images we captured of her looks. All clothing design and styling by Hannah Goff.

That necklace is amazing. I mean seriously..amazing.

These last images were all shot in a cramped stairwell, but these girls still brought their ANTM fierceness!

Congrats on your collection, and graduating Hannah! We all know you will be doing big things in your future!

<3 Becca

Aubrie: Senior

Senior portraits are always such a fun time. There is just something special about youthful exuberance, and capturing such fresh personalities on "film". Ha, I just wondered about how you word that, since I shoot digital... but I think you all know what I mean:-). Aubrie was a delight to shoot, and we were blessed with a beautiful day to boot! Apparently four other photographers also thought it was a beautiful day to be at Yates Mill as well, but we were all civil and shared the space like real professionals:-). It was also amusing that none of us were shooting the same subjects.. one senior, one bride, one family, one scenery. Anywho.. Aubrie was so natural in front of the camera, and that always makes my job easy. She is a lovely girl, and I enjoyed getting to know her and her mom. Here are a few I think are fun!

What's with all of the pretty blue eyes lately?

I think this one is stunning. PS.. one of my favorite songs is "Wagon Wheel". Just a little trivia for you.

Aubrie was a trooper! There were like 2 dead animals right next to us here, but look at that smile! haha.

I'm pretty sure this was a test shot..but I love it.

At the very end of the shoot we had the most gorgeous light. Yummy, perfect light.

Her boyfriend stopped by at the end, so we grabbed some cute shots of the two of them. Her mom specifically mentioned that they were NOT engagement shots:-)

Good luck with your last year of high school, Aubrie! I know you will do well!

<3 Becca