Friday, September 26, 2008

(Wedding) Faces: Emily and Matt

Ok, so finally I get to finish what I started two weeks ago! I was really wanting to get this up a lot earlier, but picking favorites was like pulling teeth... initially I had 50 picked out! Haha... that is way too many for this here little bloggy! So I painstakingly whittled the number down to like 25. Still a lot, but hey, I can do as I please. So, make sure you have a comfy chair, sit back and enjoy:-)

Emily and Matt got married outside at Pullen Park, on possibly one of the hottest September days I can ever remember having. But aside from the heat, the whole day was beautiful! And what a fun spot! After the ceremony they let me take them all over the place, and take couple shots (which are my favorite!). They were very adventurous and quite good sports! I wish every bride was as laid back as Emily! She'd do anything I asked.. well we couldn't get them to jump in the lake, but I guess that was pushing it:-). The reception was laid back and intimate. Her parents' have the perfect yard for a back yard reception. I told Emily she had stolen my wedding ideas because she had a bluegrass band play and got BBQ catered, which is what I've said I would want to do! Anyway, I really loved being a part of their special day. Here are my (many) favs...

Matt gave Emily this cool tree necklace to wear for the wedding. LOVE it! And don't forget that antique ring deliciousness.

Something about many hands make light work or something...

How cute is she?!

I think this one is so adorable, like they are telling secrets!

Back to that yummy ring...

Queen and King... yah, it's a chess set.

um...I love banjos.

I didn't know this is how you dance to bluegrass...

Mom requested a shot of them with the full moon:-)

Congratulations you guys!
The End.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Faces: Sarah

Last week, I got the chance to shoot a Senior who is attending my old high school! She is a friend of Hilary and Rachel (you can see their Senior pics here). Sarah was a really sweet girl and I enjoyed the time with her and her mom. What is really neat is that we did part of the shoot at the high school. Let me just say that I attended the school a number of years ago, when it met in a local church and some trailers on Falls of Neuse Rd. Now the school has a multimillion dollar facility with all sorts of sports fields and swimming pools, incredible landscaping and design... it's crazy. They have moved up in the world! We didn't even have a football team when I went there, and the sports we did have had to practice and play at other facilities! But I am not bitter. :-) Sarah is really athletic, and she plays softball for the school (as did I) so we definitely had to shoot some on the softball field with her jersey! Anyway, here are some of the pics from her session!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Martha Ann Motel

I love good driving music. When I listen to the talented Martha Ann Motel, that is just what I want to do. It's melodic and soulful, and makes me want to drive down a lonely highway in the light of a setting sun. Self-described as a mix of alt country and ambient rock, this four piece out of Carolina has got the goods. I strongly suggest checking out their music here. They just added some delicious, newly recorded tracks, and I'm no expert, but I am pretty sure it'll be good for your health if you give it a listen. Also, they have a show on October 6th at Luna Bean, and you should go. This is my second shoot with these guys, and it was a pleasure. As are my favs.

David (vocals,guitar), Chad (guitar), Jon (bass), Adam (drums)

This was just an experiment in PS, but I ended up kinda liking it.

I like to imagine that Chad's pipe has bubbles in it.