Friday, November 20, 2009

100th post! Heather and Walter Wed!

A few weeks ago I shot the wedding of Heather and Walter. It was a rainy, wet day, but these guys took it all in stride. I just love laid back couples! These guys just seemed to know what this day was truly all about, and that the weather outside would not dampen their spirits! They were surrounded by friends and family and it was really a sweet wedding day. Here are some of my favorites! Thanks again to Savannah, for her wonderful help!

The dress...

Love this shot by Savannah.

This was really cute! A big gust of wind caught the girls by surprise!

The boys had their own fun.

First comes love... then comes marraige.. then comes...

Another Savannah shot...

This was really cute! They had a box for their guests to write down date ideas! So fun!

Instead of cake, Heather and Walter's guests enjoyed cupcakes. Really delicious cupcakes!

And ice cream!

These lovely people are my parents! haha. Heather's mom works with my dad:-)

No sparklers or bubbles for these guys! They left to twinkling bells!

We did all of the couple portraits after the reception, which is a great idea if you have an early reception! We had grand plans to go all over Chapel Hill, but the weather just wouldn't play nice! Instead we went to The Umstead where they were staying! What a great save. Pretty sweet hotel.

Such a cute couple!

I wish you guys all the best!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Laura and Jay are Married!!

Whew!! I have been pretty busy! As of right now, I have 8 shoots sitting on my desktop to be edited from the last two weeks. Yikes! I mean, I am stoked about being so busy, but it is a lot of face time with my computer. I delivered this wedding today that I shot 3 weeks back, and I thought I would go ahead and blog it! I know Laura and Jay from my church. I met Jay when he lead my first missions trip to Brazil in 2005. That trip changed the course of my life. I was so excited when they asked me to be their wedding photographer, so that I could document this day that has changed the course of their lives. The day was beautiful, the chapel was beautiful, and they were beautiful! I couldn't have asked for a better wedding day! Plus I was shooting with Savannah, which is always fun! Here is their wedding day in thirty pictures:-)

You are here...

Isn't this light delicious???

The ladies...

The fellas...

Savannah and I both utilized the great round windows!

Both rooms also had giant maps.. which I love and had to take a picture each each with their respective maps.

The first look. Adorable.

Funny peoples!

"Jay: the veil tamer" shot by Savannah.

It was tough, but this may be my favorite shot of the day.

Savannah and her super macro lens got this ring shot. Rock on a rock.

I love it when there is great crowd participation:-)

Jay is a dancer. fo' sho'.