Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alex and Alicia Get Married!

So, as I promised, I am picking up the pace! Three blog posts in one week! Wowza. Ok, so this super sweet couple is Alex and Alicia. I was so glad to have been able to shoot the wedding of such an adorable pair. You might remember their engagement session in downtown Raleigh last spring. Their wedding day was a hot one, but everyone was a trooper, allowing me to take them outside for photos! Their wedding was at Bayleaf Baptist Church in Raleigh, with the reception at the TPC Wakefield Plantation. I'm excited to finally get this up on the blog, and share a fun wedding day with you!

I arrived really early to photograph Alicia and her bridesmaids at the Estee Salon. This is generally one of my favorite parts of the wedding day, because everyone is amped up with anticipation, and excitement. And I just love witnessing the transformation of the bride into her most beautiful self.

Also, I love seeing and photographing the accessories!

This is the sweetest text I have seen on a wedding day. It is from the Father of the Groom.

The salon had a big bowl of Dum Dums! So fun for a ring shot!

I mostly posted this shot because I love how that wallpaper photographed.

Alex gave Alicia a journal with a letter inside. So sweet to watch her reactions to reading it, and trying not to cry.

Groom + Bride

The fellas..

The ladies..


I absolutely loved the lighting after the ceremony and this fence. Perfect for wedding party stuff!

Throw in an abandoned house, and I couldn't be more happy!

So sweet!

The Wakefield Plantation was decorated beautifully for the reception. I loved all of the candlelight and flowers. It felt so warm and intimate!

Dancing fun..

I live to photograph little glimpses like this. They look like they are the only ones in the room. I love it!

Relaxing for just a minute before the exit. Precious.

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be a part of your day. I wish you guys all the best, and pray the Lord blesses you richly!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paint Your Pony!

I just gave you glimpse of Hope Reins and what they do. This post is to show you what they do for fun! The farm hosts camps in the summers for boys and girls. Besides the riding and barn chores, they get to play games, do crafts, and perhaps even paint on a pony!

duck duck goose!

Shiloh makes a great canvas!

Paint a horse.. or your friend..

Getting lots of love for being so patient!

Pony painting success!

Again, check out Hope Reins of Raleigh for more information!

Hope Reins of Raleigh

Most of you do not know that I have a love for horses that I have had since I was a small child. I remember being very young and pretending to gallop around like a pony. Yes, it is embarrassing, but who cares. Once I was old enough, I looked for any opportunity to ride or just be around these beautiful creatures. Last year, I began looking for opportunities to volunteer and get involved in a charity. It was definitely the Lord that led me to Hope Reins. What a fit! The mission of this organization is to give children and horses in need a chance to find love and healing in the bonds they form with each other. The mission is grounded in faith in God, and is supported by a wonderful network of volunteers. I was happy to jump right into the middle of it all! Not only do I provide photography for publicity and the website, I also feed the horses one morning a week! I love what they are all about, and I love supporting this ministry! This is my chance to share them with you!

Hope Reins was founded by Kim. She had the wonderful vision for what she wanted Hope Reins to be. This is Kim with some of her equine friends!

Isaiah was Hope Reins' first rescue. After years of neglect, he was able to live out the last 6 months of his life at the farm being loved by everyone! We miss this big, pretty boy!

Miss Shiloh. She is a rock and loved by little girls everywhere!

Sonny Boy!

Sonny + Shiloh

Gabe is our mischievous pony! He has a knack for getting out of his pen!

You can see it in his eyes:-)

Esther is an ex-show pony. She is a pretty, sweet girl!

This big boy is Maverick! He's so beautiful and gentle.

Children love being "introduced" to the horses.

Coming in for a session!

The kids are encouraged to interact with the horses. They learn grooming and tacking. This helps build their confidence around these big animals. It also helps them to bond with each other.

Friends helping friends.. safety first!

Ready to ride!

I love seeing the kids' smiling so big!

After their ride, the horses get a good dose of loving and some treats!

Horsey hugs!

Horsey kisses!

Each session wraps up with some time with the volunteers. They listen to the kids talk about their lives, and pray with them. These little encounters with loving horses and adults are so valuable in the lives of these children.

If you would like to find out more about Hope Reins of Raleigh, or see how you can get involved, please check out their website: hopereinsraleigh.org