Thursday, February 19, 2009

Me in Action!!

Soooo in the last post I was shooting Courtney, and I completely forgot that her managers were filming the shoot... Today, my friend pointed out that the video was now on her myspace! Check me out in action! haha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Courtney in the Cold

So about two weeks ago, before the delightfully springy weather, I shot some portraits of Courtney Phelps. It was probably one of the coldest days that we have had, but she came from out of town, so there was no way to re-schedule! But man, she was a trooper! Courtney is a recording artist, releasing a new album very soon and she needed some photos taken. Her manager is a friend I made in college, and I was so pleased when he asked if I could help the out. The name of her album is going to be "Dirty Laundry"... so where else do you go but a laundromat! YES! I have always wanted to shoot in one. Yes, I know it has been done, but this shoot actually had a very logical reason for it! We did some other photos around town, but our main focus was in the laundromat. You should definitely check out her music here. I got a little preview of it and it is wonderful. PS. Courtney is not related to Michael Phelps. Yes, I asked.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Caldwell Cuteness!

Get ready for an obscenely long post! Last week I shot one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. Caldwell is the offspring of a classmate of mine from high school. It has been so much fun reconnecting with friends from the past through my photography. I really enjoy photographing babies.. I mean, it is hard to take a bad picture of something so cute and expressive! Caldwell was really one of the happiest babies I have gotten to shoot. He was super easy-going. I did post a few crying faces (for the cuteness) but he really didn't do that much at all! I had lots of favorites from this shoot, so I am just going to post as many as I can:-). Hope you don't mind! I loved this shoot. Brooke (mom) came with a lot of great ideas, and I was inspired by their home and decorations. Not to mention the great light in their house! All in all a fun and successful shoot!

Soooo.. This was Brooke's idea.. a la E.T. And it turned out so cute!

Naked baby!

Brooke had these funny flash cards.. so we had to use them! He's giving the thumbs up!

The other, other white meat. Actually, Brooke wanted to contrast his size with familiar objects.. e.g. a jug of milk!

I love this. Parents, I honestly try NOT to terrify your children.

That's better. Love his cute hats!

Vintage Pinball machine!

Some mommy love for a job well done!