Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shelly Moore

Recently I was asked to take some photos for Shelly Moore, of the Shelly Moore Band. We spent a little bit of time at the NC Museum of art and then went downtown to a little spot I've always wanted to try. You can check out the Shelly Moore Band here. We had a fun time, and I think we were successful in our endeavor! Here are some that I really liked from the shoot.

Yay! I am so excited I am catching up with all this blogging!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grendeddy Dave's..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

So this shoot was an opportunity for me to do something completely different, and I really enjoyed it! If you know me, you know how much I love barbecue! I had tried Grendeddy (yes, that is the correct spelling) Dave's BBQ sauce a while back and fell in love with it. It's the boss. Through chance, I became acquainted with it's creators through my sister...and the rest is history! Grendeddy Dave's is the work of three brothers and their father. It is a completely family run business, which I think is awesome! If you want to know where you can get your hands on your own sauce, check out their website, or any Fresh Market. This is my first time shooting food products, and it really presents it's own unique challenges, but it was really challenging (in a good way!). I don't have a ton to post since it is a little repetitive with the different products, but I'll just give you a taste (no pun intended!) of what we came up with!

Don't you just want to dig in to all that goodness!?!

Caldwell Family!

Yes, another new post! I am catching up! These are some family pictures I took for some friends of mine, Abby and Daniel, on the occasion of her parents' 39th wedding anniversary! The day of the shoot was their actually anniversary, so that was kind of neat. Abby has a big family, and they were all really great to work with and were real troopers with the hot and muggy weather. Thanks guys for letting me be a part of your family portraits!


The happy couple! Thirty-five years and they are still cute and cuddly!!

Look at all of those cute grandkids!

How cute is she in her little hat?!

Two of the nicest people I know! Daniel and I were buddies back in college, and Abby is his awesome wife:-)

They are too cute! I think they will take after her parents and be just as cute in another 37 years:-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Davis!

Whew! I know I am super behind on my blogging! I have a ton of shoots I need to post, and I just can't seem to get them all up without more piling up! I guess that is a good thing though:-). This is a shoot from a little while back of baby Davis! Davis' mom was given a gift certificate for a photoshoot at her shower (which I think is a great gift!), and I kept wondering when I would get the call to actually meet this little one! She was worth the wait though! Check out baby Davis!

Oh the wonder!

Loved her little cheeks when she grinned! Too cute!


Hot Mama and Baby!

The Sweetness!

If you are interested in a gift certificate for a friend or family member, just drop me a note at!