Friday, June 26, 2009

Sara and Luke!

I know that Sara and Luke have been anxiously waiting to see their wedding pictures! Thanks for your patience guys! Sara was my roommate (and best friend) in college, and I met Luke just before the two of them started dating. It has been neat to see their relationship grow through the years, and then be able to photograph the start of their lives as married people! Their wedding day was awesome, and I was really happy to be a part of it, as friend and photographer. My second shooter was Savannah Strickland Photography. She was awesome to have along and got some great shots of the day! Here are my favorites!

The day started with hair and makeup..

It's always so nice when brides get ready where you can get some nice light!

Savannah got this shot of the lovely Magnolia Manor.

Luke lookin' good all cleaned up!

Grandma and grandson! Too cute!

While I caught the action from behind..

Savannah got it from the front! She's awesome!

This is why I love having a second shooter! One moment, two perspectives:-)


Love father/daughter dances! (Another Savannah shot!)

Roommates! Sara, me and Jill.. we go way back!

I love the people in the background of this shot.

Too precious.

The getaway!

Love this reaction to the stellar job their friends did on their car!


I love you guys, and I wish you joy in your new lives together!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Whitney and Jason wed!

Yay! A wedding to post! The last weekend in May was a busy one for me! I had my first weekend of back to back weddings, which were both amazing. Saturday was Whitney and Jason's big day! They tied the knot at Whitney's parents' home (the same place we shot the bridal pictures). I was very excited about this wedding. Whitney's family (as I mentioned before)is dear friends with my family. It was so fun because I knew half of the guest list, which by the way, was like 300 people! They couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day, and the weather was perfect, although a little hot! I had my good friend John Mode (who was my photography mentor in school) help me out, and I was thankful he was there! Friends getting married, friend helping shoot, friends in the crowd.. here are my favorites!

I don't know why I like this shot so much, but I do!

Sweet moment when her dad saw her for the first time:-)

I've never seen someone so smiley about to throw a punch!

John's shot of Whit's Grandfather calling the cows up from the pasture! How cute!

John got great shots of the groom's face during the ceremony

The couple had a neat time of prayer during the ceremony. I hadn't seen that done before, and I really liked it.

John got this shot of the kiss... and what a kiss!

Sweet moment in a dance with her brother..

These cats love Sun Drop!

The End.

Thank you Whitney and Jason for allowing me to document this day in your lives! Congratulations!!!!