Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Matt and Kelly's Wedding: Part Two!

Ok, so I know that wasn't a long wait, but I just couldn't delay posting the rest of these. In fact, these are my favorite shots of Matt and Kelly's wedding day! As the wedding was winding down, I realized that it was wrapping up at just about the perfect time to be shooting outside. So, taking a chance, I asked Kelly if she and Matt would be up for wandering around downtown Wake Forest for some more couple portraits before heading off. I was so glad she said yes! To top it off, since they were through with official wedding stuff, she did whatever I asked her to do in that pretty dress- including climbing in some crazy weeds and vines! Yay! I love it when my clients trust me that much. Without further ado.. here are the fun shots we captured after the wedding!

Matt and Kelly, I pray you guys will have a blessed marriage! I was so glad to be a part of your big day!

Matt and Kelly's Wedding: Part One!

I am so happy to finally be blogging this wedding! In fact, I am going to have to do this in two parts because I have WAY too many photos to blog. Eeeep! Matt and Kelly got married in April an the Binkley Chapel in Wake Forest. They could not have prayed for a more beautiful spring day! Matt is a Marine, and wore his dress blues, and this was the inspiration for the wedding colors as well. I love a good blue, yellow and white wedding! The light in the chapel is amaaaazing and always makes for pretty pictures. The two of them were so pleasant to photograph because they were so loving to each other. You can tell they really enjoy each other. I felt like they were always smiling and laughing! From the first shot to the last, I loved being with these guys. Congratulations you two!

Ok, so let me explain the chalkboard a little bit. Kelly and Matt actually met while attending Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Binkley is the chapel on the school's campus, and the classroom that they first met in, is in the basement of the chapel! So, I tried to incorporate a little school fun on their wedding day!

Yummy, yummy window light!

I have a thing for letters.. sometimes they come in handy :-)

The dogwoods were in full bloom and so beautiful! Pretty setting for a pretty dress!

The first look..

We had tons of time to shoot fun portraits after the first look! Yay!

I LOVE this shot that my assistant, Jonathan, took! Plus, I mean, how sweet are they?!

Kelly was sitting in the stairway waiting for her walk down the aisle! She was sooo calm, cool and collected!

The Marines all looked sharp in their uniforms! It was impressive!

Go time!

It's official! They're married! (Also another great shot by Jonathan!)

I was so excited when Kelly told me they would be doing the sword detail! I had never shot one before, and it was so fun! I loved capturing her expression after the swat!

Seriously, I think they enjoyed their wedding day, don't you?

I love that they cut the cake with his sword!

Kelly told me they weren't exiting to sparklers or bubbles or rice or birdseed... but to pinwheels! That was another first for me, and I thought it was such a cute idea!

Plus they make great accessories!

Sister of the bride, Grace!

.. to be continued!

I wanted to give a big thank you to Miriam Gardner who coordinated this wedding. She did a wonderful job, and made the day so relaxing and easy! Great job, Miriam! Flowers and decorations by Array Designs!