Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Tyler!

Meet little Tyler at nine days old! I know I say this a lot, but I really love photographing infants! Tyler's mom received a portrait session as a gift from one of her friends before he arrived, and I was excited when I got the call that the little guy was here! We spent a long morning photographing Tyler in their home, and I got some sweet shots. I have never had such a young baby stay awake for an entire two and a half hour portrait session, until Tyler! He was awake and alert the whole time, and would look right in the camera! Amazing. He definitely had preferences and would let us know about them, but was also able to settle in for some really cute shots. I also loved watching Megan interact with him, it was so tender and precious. The shots of the two of them together are some of my favorites.

They were still waiting on little Tyler's furniture to come in, so they hadn't gotten to hang his name on the wall yet, but I loved it against this shaggy Carolina blue rug!

So why not put actual Tyler next to it?

Speaking of Carolina blue, I think Tyler won't have any choice about his allegiances :-)

Sweet advice for the new mom!

Pretty blue eyes!

And we had to get a shot of his little jack-o-lantern outfit... it was October afterall.

We were taking photos by a big window, and Tyler was fascinated by the light and the trees outside.

Tyler has a perfect swirl in his hair.

Whenever he would get upset, Megan would be right there, cooing and talking to him and he would calm right down. So sweet to see him respond to mom like that.

This may be the only shot with his eyes closed, but I'm not sure it wasn't just a blink :-)

A little love from mom...

...and all is right with the world again.

And to end.. an almost smile. :-)

Megan and Mark, it was such a privilege to photograph sweet little Tyler! I hope that you guys will enjoy the pictures, and have fun remembering how small he once was! Have fun with that sweet little guy!

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Whit's One Year Photoshoot at WRAL

I was so excited when Whit's mom Kim contacted me to photograph him at his one-year-old milestone! This little guy had an adorable baby shoot last Christmastime, and I was thrilled to see how big he had gotten! Whit is definitely a toddler and on the move! His dad was telling me how he has a curious and exploring nature and he wanted that captured in the pictures. I think we definitely were able to capture that side of his personality! He had me running! He was in to everything and had no fear. And he has an adorable smile and big blue eyes to boot! All in all it made for a fun and cute photoshoot!

Starting out with a little security from mom...

and then he's off!

I absolutely adore this stance and grin!

Out of everything at the garden, Whit was most fascinated by the fountain! He loves the water!

Such a cutie!

Whit is very steady on his feet, but I still love how the arms are all over to keep balance :-)

Just a quick look back to see if anyone was coming with him on his adventure!

We had to return to the fountain one more time... look at that joy!

I don't know what he was reacting too, but I love this expression!

And finally, too tuckered out to even play in the fresh dirt! Time to go home!

Thank you Aspinwalls for allowing me to capture your family again this year! Have fun keeping up with that fun little boy! :-)

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