Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Lee Family!

I am so happy that this shoot was actually able to happen! Roxanne was given a gift certificate for a family portrait session for Christmas by her son and (now) soon-to-be daughter-in-law Haley. Roxanne and I had been going back and forth since January on dates/locations/times/etc. We finally settled on a date a couple of weeks ago, that would allow for all of her family members to be in the photo. As is so often the case when there isn't really a feasible backup plan, the weather started to become a bit of a concern. But we decided together we would give it a go, since it looked like the skies were going to hold off. And they did, just almost to the moment that we were done shooting. With just a few minutes of light misting, we were able to get through the whole shoot before the downpour came! Sometimes the Lord is really gracious! I loved shooting these guys. They were all a lot of fun and that always makes my job a delight. I was really happy with the outcome, and from the enthusiastic email I received from Roxanne the day after she received the photos, I think she was too:-) Yay!

Our shoot was at the Lee family homestead in Wake Forest. It was such a cool location, because of the family history and the rustic appeal.

I loved this huge tree!

Favorite. I think they look like a family band :-)

Each time I look at this picture, I think it is crooked... but really, it is just the building that is crooked!

After we had shot the extended family, we just focused on Roxanne and her gang.

Cute little love birds!

I told them that this was the sort of stuff I make engaged couples do!


I dig this manly shot with the oil drum! They have a service station down the street, and oil is the family business.

Thank you, Lee family! It was so nice to meet all of you!

The Mill Family (My Family!)

Meet the Mills - some of my favorite people on the planet! Ok, ok.. so I am partial because it is my brother's family, but I'm pretty sure I would love them even if they weren't. People often assume that because you are a photographer, you take tons and tons of pictures of your own family. Truth is, and these guys can testify to this, I very rarely get to photograph them. I know, it is a shame. Even worse, when I do make time, they have to wait the longest to get their pictures back! I know, I am an awful sister! But even so, sometimes they still let me get away with it. We tried to fit a lot into this shoot, and faced lots of obstacles along the way, but we were going to get these photos done come hell or high water! These are my nephew's 2 year old (ish) portraits, my sister-in-law's preggers pics, and some family portraits of all three of them to boot. It took us two days (in some of the gloomiest weather for shooting) but we did it! AND I got them back to them in just over a month. I'm pretty proud of myself. haha. Here are some favs from the shoots!

Lila is over 8 months pregnant here! We welcomed little Harrison into the world on April 7th:-)

Such a sweet big brother!

That face is irresistible!

I really love these next two. Just such honest emotion! Love it!

What a ham:-)

I love his expression. Somebody is unimpressed with day two of shooting.

This one just makes me smile.

He is my brother's child...and his grandfather's grandchild. There is no way this kid would not get the fishing bug.

Finding the fish is serious business.

If you are curious... yes, he was steering.

Love you guys!