Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Westbrook!

Wow... it's so strange blogging about such a warm wedding day, when we just had a few snow flurries this afternoon! Shew. I have to get caught up on this blogging thing! Haha.. at least within the current season! Anyway, this is the lovely Mr. and Mrs. Westbrook's wedding from Tybee Island, GA! I was so excited to travel down there for this sweet, intimate wedding. The wedding was on the beach and the reception was at a nearby Gaurd House. There are a lot of pictures, so sit back and enjoy!

Fans! It was a hot one!

The bride and her sister-in-law CJ (whose wedding I also shot!)

Ashley and her sweet Daddy approached the ceremony through the dunes. It was really neat to see them appear that way.

Her twin brother Wes played the guitar while she approached too. So sweet!

Here is a fun fact: Their minister also married Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore in Savannah! Neato!

Pretty setting sunlight for formals!

Sweet Father/Daughter dance:-)

Ha, these kids followed me around and mocked my picture taking all night!

Wes and CJ! Looking great 6 weeks in to their marriage! :-)

Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of your sweet wedding day! I hope marriage has been a fun adventure!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ashley's Bridals!

So I am going to tell a fun little story about how I ended up shooting Ashley's bridal portraits, and eventually her wedding! I actually shot her twin brother's wedding (a friends of mine) and at his wedding his mom asked if I could shoot Ashley's bridal portraits. Of course I said yes. Then on bridal portrait day, I found out that they were having Ashley's wedding at Tybee Island, Georgia and were not going to hire a photographer! What?! I am always up for an adventure, so I told them I would be more than happy to travel down there to do it. They liked the idea too and everything fell in to place! As a fun aside, I found out that they both got engaged within about six weeks of each other and their weddings were within six weeks of each other. Crazy! Poor Mama Forbus married off both of her twin babies in less than two months! I really can't say how much fun I had at both weddings. Their family is so sweet! But anyway.. enough back story! Here are her bridals from a very hot day in June! Wedding coming up next!

I love sunflowers!

I want/need this house.

Love this one.. I think she looks amazing in her dress!

She's rockin' a fierce pout in this one. Love it!

Orange toes!

The hubby is a firefighter. Cute idea to bring his helmet!

I'll close it out with a couple of ring shots:-)

Brittany and Hugh!

This wedding was a nice break from the normal busy wedding day! Hugh and Brittany tied the knot in an intimate little ceremony at her parent's house in Wake Forest. It was a sweet time with close friends and family on a toasty summer day! They were so relaxed and just enjoyed the moment. Thanks for letting me share in your wedding day!

I think this is so sweet with both of their hands folded together.

They were really cute together!

I am a sucker for Mason Jars... I probably have 40! I'll be set if I ever get married!

This was probably the best cake smash I had ever witnessed. They got each other good:-)


I hope you are enjoying married life in Texas!