Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sweet Sawyer!

Ok, this post is entirely just to show how cute my BFF's baby is! This is little Sawyer, and he is a growing boy! I had the privilege of doing his very first photoshoot a few months ago. Look how much he has changed! This was an impromptu shoot that lasted all of 10 minutes, but man... he is a cute little guy! Just had to brag:-)

Look at those baby blues!

His favorite stuffed animal:-)

Look at that smile!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wes and CJ Wed!

So, I didn't make you wait long did I? Here is Wes and CJ's wedding day! Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy! I love these guys and had such a fun time shooting this wedding, that this is going to be a long one! Not only are the bride and groom friends of mine, but a large number of the wedding guests/wedding party were as well. So fun! I was really glad that they trusted me to capture their special day. Now, enough chit-chat from me.. time for pictures!

The wedding and reception were held at the beautiful Stowe Manor in Belmont, NC. I love shooting in this kind of lovely historic site.


The girls watching the festivities outside.

The girls toasted with miller..

Hydrangeas and colorful shoes are two of my favorite things!

The boys toasted with whiskey..

Bride and Groom!

I loved this shot of these ladies! Oh the limitless caption possibilities.

Shoes of choice...

They had a special Irish tradition in which their hands were wrapped together with a special cloth. I thought it was a neat and unique touch.

Married at last!


Ring shot...

Classy ring shot.

Great toast reactions!

I love it when bride and grooms families really seem to get along! Their mom's shared a dance:-)

Boys' club.

Mustache club. (PS. they're good people)

A rare photo of me, with my friend Wes (different from the groom).

Wes (the groom) getting some attention from the ladies!

Possibly one of my favorite pictures from the night, and also recently his FB profile pic:-). Love ya, Ricky!

Wes loves music, and has played a few bands. He enlisted some of our friends to play towards the end of the reception. It was so fun! And they played some great stuff. Wes sat in with them on almost every song too!

Then it got a little loud...

...and the cops came and shut it down! haha. But they were really nice about it.

So they played one last one to end the night:-)

Thank you guys so much for allowing me to share in your happy day! Both of your families could not have made me feel more welcome!

CJ's Bridal Portraits!

Let's forgo the part where I say exactly how long ago I shot these, and just get on with a lovely blog post about a lovely girl! It's so fun how life works out sometimes! I met CJ when she was just starting to date my friend Wes, a couple of years back. It's funny how you never expect that a little bit down the road you will be shooting their wedding! I really enjoyed getting to know CJ better through this process, and had a wonderful time shooting her bridal portraits! We were shooting in one of my favorite places to boot!

I love how her body curves in this shot! So elegant!

This was my favorite from the day, and the one on display at the wedding!


Stay tuned for the wedding!