Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby McKinley makes Four!

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't, but the Ketchabaw family is starting a pattern with their kids' names. Do you see the trend? haha. I didn't have to wait long for little McKinley to make her appearance! Just a few short weeks later, I was at the home of Melissa, D.J., and sister Reagan to take newborn pics of their new baby girl! What a cutie!

Melissa had the girls in "Big Sister" and "Little Sister" shirts! So cute!

I just can't resist getting really closeup shots of those little details!

Ha, this is mostly just an outtake during a break from shooting, but I just love the family dynamic.

Reagan is such a helpful big sister! I love that she was trying to give McKinley her paci!

Sweetest pic of the day!

Don't you feel like they already have sister secrets?

Again with the details! I just loved the way her little hands curled together. :-)

I have never seen a dog sit so well for a picture!

The Kids :-)

And a little naked nap in the shade.

I hope you are all doing well, and that your little ones are healthy and happy! I hope I get to check in with you guys again soon!

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The Ketchabaw Family is Growing!

This is actually going to be the first of two posts in a row for the Ketchabaw Family! Yay! This post is a good bit late in coming, which you would really only know if you know the Ketchabaws, but if you don't you can just keep on thinking this is new news! haha. Melissa wanted some maternity pics taken near the end of her pregnancy, and also newborn pics once her little baby girl arrived, and I was thrilled to capture these milestones for her. (I actually give a discount for situations like this, so email me for details!) Moving on... I shot the first session, a maternity/family shoot at the NC Museum of Art. I love that place. There are so many different locations to shoot. I try to find new places each time I go! We kept the session as relaxed as possible, and even though I made Melissa walk a good bit to the first spot, I tried to keep the rest of the shoot pretty close (she was about 8 months pregnant at the time I'm pretty sure! What a trooper!). We had a fun time rolling in the grass and trying to keep a two-year-old interested in the camera! Here are some of the fun shots we got!

This is Reagan, the Big Sister! I started photographing the Ketchabaw family when she was just about 6 months old!

Now look at how much she has grown!

That is the face every parent loves! It's the giggles!

I loved this shot! Reagan was really not interested in interacting with the belly too much, but just for a moment (and I mean a moment!) she laid her head down and just looked so peaceful! Snap!

Ha, and this shot probably has about 30 outtakes, but you only need one!

There are a couple of these I had a hard time deciding between to show! Reagan is a ham! She was giving me great attitude.

And don't you just love her ladybug outfit? So cute!

Up next, the new addition!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Class of 2011!

Well, I had intended to post this last month during the height of graduation season, but alas, better late than never! I just wanted to put these up to congratulate my Class of 2011 seniors! I wish you guys the very best with your future endeavors!









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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Norwood!

Well, I think I've kept you all waiting long enough for a new post. I hate even having to say that I am terrible at keeping up with this blog (it is pretty self-evident)! I really hope to change all that, but I am buried under so many wonderful shoots to blog that it seems almost impossible to get them all out on here!
But, change happens one blog post at a time!! So, here is the lovely wedding of Katie and David Norwood. I was so so excited to have these guys as clients. From the moment I first met with them I knew they were going to be a great couple to work with and photograph. Katie is bubbly and sweet as sugar, and David is laid back and friendly, and I hardly have to say that they are adorable together. Katie's mom is a coordinator that I had worked with before as well, and I was really flattered that they wanted me to shoot their wedding day! Although it started out as a drizzly Saturday morning on Easter weekend, nothing could make a dent in the cheerfulness of this day. From the bride and groom to the wedding party and guests, everyone was all smiles all day long.
Here is their day in pictures!

The ceremony was held at Windborne UMC Church in Raleigh. This shot was taken by my talented second photographer, Jonathan O'Brien.

Flowers were by Array Designs (on facebook).

As is typical in many church weddings, the bride often must get ready in a children's Sunday school classroom. Why not embrace it? (PS. Katie loves giraffes, so it was a win!)

Dinos in camo? Sure, why not!

David's Ranger boots. Apparently, they have a special way of wearing them as you will see later.

All the fellas look so sharp!

Such a sweet groom!

Katie and David were so sweet together. Shooting their couple time was so easy and fun!

The reception was at The Cotton Room in Durham. It is probably one of my favorite venues for receptions! I'm a sucker for exposed brick, wooden beams, and lots of natural light! Photo by Jonathan again.

I loved the paper straws and bottled sodas! Photo by Jonathan.

Love it!

All of their friends and family circled around them for a last dance and farewell. It was so sweet, and then it turned into huge group hugs!


I wish you two the very best in your lives together! I pray the Lord will bless your marriage, and that it will glorify Him for your whole lives.

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